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What is The Glxsshouse? 

The Glxsshouse is a content creation outlet focused on the exploration and curation of Southern Hip-Hop and Culture.  We produce original essays, photographs, illustrations, and playlists. 


What does The Glxsshouse mean? 

The Glxsshouse is a flip of the word “glass house,”--a slang-term referring to vintage, American-made cars  (i.e. Chevys, Cadillacs etc).  Inspired by the Big K.R.I.T. song of the same name (“The Glasshouse” from his mixtape K.R.I.T. Was Here), we use “glass house” as a symbol to reflect our southern roots and as a vehicle to tell dope stories. 


What are The Glxsshouse’s core values? 

The Glxsshouse believes in holding meaningful conversations about the human experience, hip-hop culture, and the intersection of both.  We’ve distilled our values into the five C’s:   

Commentary: We believe in our unique ability to deconstruct and critique music and other forms of culture. 

Collaboration: We believe in deep, organic collaboration to achieve original and credible storytelling.  

Connection: We believe in sharing our understanding and appreciation of southern culture to further enrich the already diverse hip-hop community. 

Curation: We believe in the importance of artistic and cultural gatekeeping as a means to embrace honest and skilled storytelling. 

Creative Integrity: We believe in treating each content release with the same care and attention to detail as an artist would producing his/her debut album.   


What makes The Glxsshouse different from other hip-hop and pop culture digital-media outlets? 

Originality. Quality. Authenticity.  In the digital world of click-baiting and content-aggregation, we rely on well-intentioned innovation in producing content that will last beyond one cycle of trending topics.   


How can I get involved with The Glxsshouse? 

We encourage collaboration.  If you are interested in contributing content to The Glxsshouse, seeking sponsorship of an event, or wish to donate, please send all inquiries to